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Throughout the 2000's, Todd was the frontman for South Florida bands, Trapped by Mormons and Whiskey River Baptism. He is also a painter, avid music collector and a huge football supporter of both Liverpool FC and Nashville Soccer Club. Nowadays. he resides in Nashville with his wife, Carrie and son Jasper where they finally get to see all the amazing bands and artists that never came all the way down into the swampy bowels of South Florida.

Oct. 8, 2022

S6E253 - The Geraldine Fibbers 'Butch' with Todd Nolan

Our old pal Todd Nolan from Nashville Tennessee brings us a barn-burner of an album this week. The Geraldine Fibbers' sophomore - and final - record, 'Butch', is a weird, wild amalgamation of alt-country, punk, Appalachian fiddle music, speed metal...

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May 29, 2021

S4E170 - Johnny Cash "American Recordings" with Todd Nolan

When Nashville resident Todd Nolan was working at…

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