That Record Got Me High with Rob Elba

Each week your host - rock-n-roll lifer and recovering punk Rob Elba - sits down with a special guest to dissect a record that - metaphorically - got them high.

Recent Episodes

S6E293 - Oasis 'Definitely Maybe' with Dan Nolan

June 3, 2023

Award-winning journalist, author and broadcaster Dan Nolan didn't have to think too long about a record that got him high. Coming up in Manchester UK in the early 90s, he was there right at the start of the band Oasis and th…

S6E292 - Ivy 'Apartment Life' with Ron Wade

May 27, 2023

Michigan music fan Ron Wade is a sucker for alternative/pop female-fronted bands, and when he first heard Ivy and their 1997 release 'Apartment Life' while working at a Detroit weekly, it ticked all his musical boxes! Lush, …

S6E290 - 13th Floor Elevators 'Bull Of The Woods' with John Davis (Superdrag)

May 20, 2023

Singer/songwriter John Davis (Superdrag, The Lees of Memory) brings us the third and final album by Texas psyche rock pioneers The 13th Floor Elevators: 'Bull Of The Woods'. With other founding members Roky Erickson and Tomm…

S6E291 - 'That Song About A PLACE Got Me High' Patron-curated Episode

May 14, 2023

Hey there! For this BONUS Patron-curated episode, we asked our Patrons to send in a song about a PLACE. As usual, they delivered. Please enjoy this collection of 'songs about places', and if YOU'D like to become a Patron of …

S6E289 - The Beatles 'White Album' with Oscar and Danielle Herrera

May 13, 2023

When he was a young teen, Oscar Herrera (Former lead singer with The Sleep of Reason, Halo, El Duende and Black Tape for a Blue Girl) discovered the Beatles and there was no looking back. When he and his wife had children th…

S6E288 - The Gaslight Anthem 'The '59 Sound' - with Todd Bauch

May 6, 2023

There's no mistaking the fact that The Gaslight Anthem and their leader Brian Fallon are from New Jersey. The earnest storytelling and vivid imagery in their breakout album The '59 Sound is pure Born/Darkness-era Springsteen…

About the Hosts

Chris BellusProfile Photo

Chris Bellus

Chris joins us as co-host for our semi-regular "Live at Laser Wolf" episode tapings. Aside from Beer Mecca "Laser Wolf" he also runs "Invasive Species Brewing" with his brother Jordan, and the "Taco Bellus" food truck.

Barry StockProfile Photo

Barry Stock

Barry co-hosted TRGMH Podcast for the first 3+ seasons before deciding to move on to other things. At various times he's a musician, photographer, graphic designer, dendrologist and deep thinker-of-thoughts.

Rob ElbaProfile Photo

Rob Elba

Rob was born in Queens, NY and also spent some time in Salem, MA in the 80s. Before starting TRGMH Podcast Rob played in several bands (The Holy Terrors and Shark Valley Sisters to name two), and has also co-written a rock opera (Hearing Damage aka: The Rat Opera)
He currently lives in Los Angeles with his long-suffering wife Elisa and has two grown daughters who live in California.