That Record Got Me High with Rob Elba

Each week your host - rock-n-roll lifer and recovering punk Rob Elba - sits down with a special guest to dissect a record that - metaphorically - got them high.

Recent Episodes

S6E282 - The Breeders 'Pod' with Todd Philips

April 1, 2023

Drummer Todd Philips (Bullet LaVolta, Juliana Hatfield Three, Lemonheads) makes his third appearance on the podcast and brings in yet another Boston - by way of Dayton, OH - classic, the 1990 debut album by The Breeders: 'Po…

Guest: Todd Philips

S6E281 - Electric Light Orchestra 'ELO's Greatest Hits' with Jeff Greenstein

March 25, 2023

Returning guest, television writer, producer and director Jeff Greenstein (Will & Grace, Friends, Desperate Housewives), makes the case that Electric Light Orchestra were - at their core - a fantastic 'singles' band. The 197…

S6E280 - Fleet Foxes 'Shore' with Tom Lawery

March 18, 2023

Released exactly at the autumnal equinox on September 22, 2020, 'Shore' - the ambitious release by Robin Pecknold under the guise of his Seattle band Fleet Foxes - is a sonically adventurous journey through the musical heroe…

Guest: Tom Lawery

S6E279 - Prince 'Parade' with Nora O'Connor

March 11, 2023

Chicago-based singer/multi-instrumentalist Nora O'Connor has toured and recorded with the Decemberists, Neko Case, The New Pornographers and many more. This week she joins TRGMH to discuss a record/artist that never ceases t…

Guest: Nora O'Connor

S6E278 - Shirk Circus 'Words To Say' with Dan Bonebrake

March 4, 2023

Hey, do you like The Descendents, Lemonheads, All and Teenage Fanclub? Guess what? Shirk Circus might just be your favorite band you've never heard of! Bass Player/Singer/Songwriter Dan Bonebrake (Dashboard Confessional, Lig…

Guest: Dan Bonebrake

S6E277 - Sebadoh 'Bakesale' with Keith Michaud

Feb. 25, 2023

Musician Keith Michaud (The Lightworkers) brings us the fifth album by indie rock titans Sebadoh, 'Bakesale'. With this release, Lou Barlow and co. managed to bridge their lo-fi beginnings with pure pop power chords, produci…

Guest: Keith Michaud

About the Hosts

Rob ElbaProfile Photo

Rob Elba

Rob was born in Queens, NY and also spent some time in Salem, MA in the 80s. Before starting TRGMH Podcast Rob played in several bands (The Holy Terrors and Shark Valley Sisters to name two), and has also co-written a rock opera (Hearing Damage aka: The Rat Opera)
He currently lives in Sunrise, FL with his long-suffering wife Elisa and has two grown daughters who live in CA.

Barry StockProfile Photo

Barry Stock

Barry co-hosted TRGMH Podcast for the first 3+ seasons before deciding to move on to other things. At various times he's a musician, photographer, graphic designer, dendrologist and deep thinker-of-thoughts.

Chris BellusProfile Photo

Chris Bellus

Chris joins us as co-host for our semi-regular "Live at Laser Wolf" episode tapings. Aside from Beer Mecca "Laser Wolf" he also runs "Invasive Species Brewing" with his brother Jordan, and the "Taco Bellus" food truck.