That Record Got Me High with Rob Elba

That Record Got Me High with Rob Elba

Great records, great guests, questionable commentary.

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S6E252 - New Model Army 'Thunder and Consolation' with Markus Reuter

Oct. 1, 2022

For the official start of our SIXTH season, musician/composer/producer/instrument designer Markus Reuter brings us an album that grabbed onto his psyche as a teenager in Germany and STILL captivates him over 30 years later: …

Guest: Markus Reuter

S5E250 - Gastr del Sol 'Crookt, Crackt, or Fly' with Joe Tunis

Sept. 24, 2022

This week's guest Joe Tunis (Carbon Records, Pengo) once again guides us into the world of post-rock, with Chicago-by-way-of-Kentucky band Gastr del Sol and their 1994 Drag City release 'Crookt, Crackt, or Fly'. Like many of…

Guest: Joe Tunis

S6E251 - Bonus Mixtape Episode with Cheetah Chrome

Sept. 21, 2022

For this BONUS 'Mixtape Episode', we invited guitarist Cheetah Chrome (Dead Boys, Rocket From the Tombs) to curate a mixtape and dug into his selections. From growing up in Cleveland listening to rock-and-roll radio like CKL…

S5E249 - Echo & The Bunnymen 'Ocean Rain' with Corey duBrowa

Sept. 17, 2022

For Liverpool UK band Echo & The Bunnymen's fourth release, 1984's 'Ocean Rain', they went all-in. Recorded primarily in Paris with a 35-piece orchestra, Ocean Rain is a dazzling collection of songs writ large with sweeping …

Guest: Corey duBrowa

S5E248 - Dag Nasty 'Can I Say' with Tim Hinely (Dagger Zine)

Sept. 10, 2022

This week's guest, Tim Hinely (founder of Dagger Zine and editor of 'Where The Wild Gigs Were: A Trip Thru America’s Legendary Underground Music Venues') brings us the debut album by legendary Washington D.C. band Dag Nasty.…

Guest: Tim Hinely

S5E247 - 'That Work Song Got Me High' Patron-curated Bonus Episode

Sept. 5, 2022

For Labor Day 2022 we asked our Patrons to send in their favorite work-related songs. It's an impressively eclectic list, with surprisingly NO Bruce Springsteen songs! (although he IS referenced several times throughout the …

About the Hosts

Rob Elba Profile Photo

Rob Elba

Rob was born in Queens, NY and also spent some time in Salem, MA in the 80s. Before starting TRGMH Podcast Rob played in several bands (The Holy Terrors and Shark Valley Sisters to name two), and has also co-written a rock opera (Hearing Damage aka: The Rat Opera)
He currently lives in Sunrise, FL with his long-suffering wife Elisa and has two grown daughters who live in CA.

Barry Stock Profile Photo

Barry Stock

Barry co-hosted TRGMH Podcast for the first 3+ seasons before deciding to move on to other things. At various times he's a musician, photographer, graphic designer, dendrologist and deep thinker-of-thoughts.

Chris Bellus Profile Photo

Chris Bellus

Chris joins us as co-host for our semi-regular "Live at Laser Wolf" episode tapings. Aside from Beer Mecca "Laser Wolf" he also runs "Invasive Species Brewing" with his brother Jordan, and the "Taco Bellus" food truck.