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I give this podcast a 5 for the content and a 0 for their memes!

Check out this cool music podcast

Any type of record could be chosen to focus the episode on with a guest and the hosts are up to the task to listen, inform and entertain each time. Love to listen to this podcast

This PODCAST got me high!

If you're a music lover, you should give this a listen. Barry and Rob break down outstanding records for a track-by-track look that always proves insightful. Typically, a guest will break out a record that DID IT for them, so you're getting the PASSION of music aficionados discussing what they lo…

Great Retrospective Music Podcast

I could listen to these guys talk about The Fall all day long

Higher Than You Think

It’s inspiring to hear these guys talk about great albums of independent rock and the albums that inspired these bands too. It gives me a whole new appreciation for music I love. Great details, chances to learn what the actual lyrics are and stories about the absurdities of the makings of these alb…

These guys have great taste

This is an awesome podcast if you’re trying to dig and little deeper to fully nerd out on the cool type of classic music.

Album Chat

Casual and light hearted discussion on some really great records. These guys get into the individual tracks and back stories behind the Albums.

Clever and informal but well-researched discussion

This podcast is fun and informal while being somewhat scholarly and intelligent at the same time.

Really enjoyable

If you’re a music nut you’ll get a kick out of this freewheeling, casual, enthusiastic discussion of records that the hosts are particularly fond of. Albums are dissected track by track, observations made, jokes cracked and judgments (good-natured, not smug or arrogant) rendered. Check it out, peop…

Lads Love LPs

Witty banter and outstanding commentary on outstanding albums. These cats know their stuff! Come, listen to revelatory reflections with a deep dive into what is clearly a pusuit of passion. You will be a better person for it.