May 29, 2021

S4E170 - Johnny Cash "American Recordings" with Todd Nolan

S4E170 - Johnny Cash

When Nashville resident Todd Nolan was working at…

When Nashville resident Todd Nolan was working at a South Florida record store in 1994, Johnny Cash was not particularly on his radar. But then a record came in to the shop produced by Rick Rubin on his new "American Recordings" label - Johnny Cash's 81st - and the stark presentation coupled with the heft of JC's voice grabbed him and sent him on a musical train ride of the man and the genre he's still traveling on. Let the train blow the whistle!

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Todd NolanProfile Photo

Todd Nolan


Throughout the 2000's, Todd was the frontman for South Florida bands, Trapped by Mormons and Whiskey River Baptism. He is also a painter, avid music collector and a huge football supporter of both Liverpool FC and Nashville Soccer Club. Nowadays. he resides in Nashville with his wife, Carrie and son Jasper where they finally get to see all the amazing bands and artists that never came all the way down into the swampy bowels of South Florida.