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Sarah Nichols is a poet and essayist living in Connecticut. She is the author of ten chapbooks, including Press Play for Heartbreak (Paper Nautilus Press, 2021), and Hexenhaus (Milk and Cake Press, 2020.) A 2021 Best of the Net nominee, she writes frequently on the intersection of personal memory and pop culture.

April 15, 2023

S6E285 - Depeche Mode 'Violator' with Sarah Nichols

With their seventh release, 1990s 'Violator', Depeche Mode completed their transformation from quirky synth-pop pioneers to international rock stars. A more stripped-down, sinister sound aided by producer Flood perfectly showcases these dark songs...

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Oct. 30, 2021

S4E192 - New Order 'Technique' with Sarah Nichols

Poet/essayist Sarah Nichols brings us New Order's 1989 release, 'Technique'.

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