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Dan Bonebrake

Husband to Vanessa. SoFla native. Tour veteran. Music lover. Melody craver.
Bass, Vocals, Guitar, Trumpet, etc...
Bands: The Lightworkers, The Honest Liars, Manta Wray, Dashboard Confessional, TRGMH4, grey & orange, John Ralston, War Generation, Vacant Andys, Enablers, Seville, Quit, Fay Wray, Pivot, Anchorman, Where Fear and Weapons Meet, BBOL, Shakers (fill in bass player as Ginger Shaker), New Guy, et al.

March 4, 2023

S6E278 - Shirk Circus 'Words To Say' with Dan Bonebrake

Hey, do you like The Descendents, Lemonheads, All and Teenage Fanclub? Guess what? Shirk Circus might just be your favorite band you've never heard of! Bass Player/Singer/Songwriter Dan Bonebrake (Dashboard Confessional, Lightworkers, The Enablers)...

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Feb. 12, 2022

S5E209 - ALL 'Allroy's Revenge' with Dan Bonebrake

A self-professed band geek whose first instrument was trumpet, this week's guest - bassist extraordinaire Dan Bonebrake (Dashboard Confessional, The Lightworkers, Vacant Andys, Quit, Honest Liars...) - brought us a record that for him is an...

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Jan. 9, 2021

S4E149 Lemonheads "It's a Shame About Ray" - w/Dan Bonebrake

When this week’s guest Dan Bonebrake (The Lightwo…

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Sept. 1, 2019

S2E75 – Soul Asylum “Hang Time” - w/Mark Dubin & Dan Bonebrake

A contentious foursome gathered before anxious, s…

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