Jan. 9, 2021

S4E149 Lemonheads "It's a Shame About Ray" - w/Dan Bonebrake

S4E149 Lemonheads

When this week’s guest Dan Bonebrake (The Lightwo…

When this week’s guest Dan Bonebrake (The Lightworkers, The Honest Liars, Dashboard Confessional) came back from Desert Storm he was searching for something, and he soon discovered a record that seemed to embody that same vague sense of “emotional wanderlust” he was feeling in an under-30-minute package of guitar-pop bliss. 1992’s “It’s a Shame About Ray” by The Lemonheads is a shockingly joyous slice of indie-rock perfection almost guaranteed to get under your skin – or at least in-between your ears – for days. Support TRGMH on Patreon for as little as $1 a month. https://www.patreon.com/join/TRGMH/

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Dan Bonebrake

Husband to Vanessa. SoFla native. Tour veteran. Music lover. Melody craver.
Bass, Vocals, Guitar, Trumpet, etc...
Bands: The Lightworkers, The Honest Liars, Manta Wray, Dashboard Confessional, TRGMH4, grey & orange, John Ralston, War Generation, Vacant Andys, Enablers, Seville, Quit, Fay Wray, Pivot, Anchorman, Where Fear and Weapons Meet, BBOL, Shakers (fill in bass player as Ginger Shaker), New Guy, et al.