May 22, 2021

S4E169 - Fleetwood Mac "Future Games" with David Lewis (Elizabeth's Records)

S4E169 - Fleetwood Mac

When writer, musician and now record store owner …

When writer, musician and now record store owner David Lewis first heard Fleetwood Mac's 1971 album "Future Games" (their first with Christine McVie and Bob Welch as official members), he was transported to a place he returned to again and again throughout his life. At once haunting, beautifully melodic and steeped in melancholy, this is the record that first revealed the path towards pop stardom that would eventually make them superstars. Well, SOME of them...

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David Lewis

Retail Geek / music geek/ collector geek/ geek geek

I’m currently in my 40th year of music retail, and have been running my own shop, Elizabeths Record’s, since 2009. I’m a retired music journalist. In the late 80s and early 90s I was in several locally notable bands in the Austin scene, also was a poster artist, and co-hosted an Access Television show for a few years. I’ve been in Columbus since 1998, I’m married and we have a beautiful teenage daughter, Elizabeth. Collectively, we love cats (that’s the store cat Jonesy in the picture!).