Dec. 12, 2020

S4E145 - Galaxie 500 "Today" - With Tim Hinely

S4E145 - Galaxie 500

Galaxy 500 – Today
Every once in a while a band a…

Galaxy 500 – Today Every once in a while a band appears seemingly fully-formed, somehow managing to take their influences and standard rock instrumentation into new sonic territories. This week’s guest, writer Tim Hinely (Dagger Zine, Blurt Magazine) makes the case for Galaxy 500 being one of those bands. Their stunning debut sounds just as fresh and familiar-yet-different “Today” as it did 32 years ago!
 “I don't wanna stay at your party 
I don't wanna talk with your friends
 I don't wanna vote for your president
 I just wanna be your tugboat captain…” Support TRGMH on Patreon at

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Tim HinelyProfile Photo

Tim Hinely

CEO of Dagger Enterprises

Born and raised in NJ and left for California in the early 90's then to Portland, Oregon in the 00's and landed in Denver, CO in 2012. Started doing his zine DAGGER in 1987 and continued on as a print zine until 2012 and has been online ever since. Just had his first book published by Hozac entitled WHERE THE WILD GIGS WERE. Hinely has seen the real Sasquatch and lived to tell about it.