Aug. 22, 2020

S3E128 - The Go-Go's "Beauty and the Beat" with Beatriz Monteavaro

S3E128 - The Go-Go's

The Go-Go’s “Beauty and the Beat”
It was one of t…

The Go-Go’s “Beauty and the Beat” It was one of the most successful debut records of all time that happened to be by THE most successful female rock band of all time, but perhaps most important to our guest, musician/artist Beatriz Monteavaro (Holly Hunt, Saavik), it rocked! Betty joined Rob and Barry for a spirited conversation of the power-pop goodness that has been described as one of the cornerstone albums of American new wave, “Beauty and the Beat” by The Go-Go’s. Support TRGMH:

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Beatriz "Betty" Monteavaro

Beatriz Monteavaro is an artist and musician whose work is influenced by monster movies, science fiction, Disneyworld (especially it’s themed area Adventureland, a midcentury representation of Africa, Asia, Polynesia, and The Caribbean), and underground music scenes including the 1970’s English punk scene and the Miami underground scene surrounding Churchill’s Pub, which she has been a part of since 1991.