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Tony Kapel & Maitejosune Urrechaga


"This husband-and-wife tag team (writer-slash-filmmaker Tony Kapel on drums and visual artist Maite Urrechaga on guitar) is an adorably angst-y indie rock kinda thing. Just imagine if pre-divorce Kim and Thurston of Sonic Youth took a couple's retreat to Japan, got real deep into Tokyo cat cafe culture, and decided to record a concept album in the hotel bathroom."

- Sean Pajot, Miami New Times

July 23, 2022

S5E238 - Harry Nilsson 'The Point!' with Tony Kapel & Maitejosune Urr…

Husband-and-wife bandmates Tony Kapel & Maitejosune Urrechaga (Pocket of Lollipops) bring us Harry Nilsson's wonderfully weird 1970 concept album 'The Point!' This strange and endearing collection of songs - which was accompanied by an animated film...

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