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Been cranking out music either with live bands or records since 1983. Started on the LA punk scene, and now playing with Man's Body out of Chicago. I have only done original music. Blasphemous Yellow was my 80's band, Ferdinand in the 90's to 2003, Rough Church from 2005 and still going, but main band these days from 2015 is Man’s Body. I sing, write and play guitar, but only singing in M'b. It is still fun and artistically satisfying.

April 9, 2022

S5E219 - Prefab Sprout 'Jordan: The Comeback' with Greg Franco

Singer/songwriter Greg Franco (Man's Body, Rough Church, Ferdinand) has a dark secret. Even though he came up in the early-80s LA punk scene listening to bands like Dead Kennedys and Black Flag, he's also completely enamored with the music of …

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