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Eugene Richard O'Connor - better known by his stage name Cheetah Chrome - is an American musician who achieved fame as a guitarist for Rocket from the Tombs, Dead Boys and The Batusis (w/Sylvain Sylvain).

Sept. 21, 2022

S6E251 - Bonus Mixtape Episode with Cheetah Chrome

For this BONUS 'Mixtape Episode', we invited guitarist Cheetah Chrome (Dead Boys, Rocket From the Tombs) to curate a mixtape and dug into his selections. From growing up in Cleveland listening to rock-and-roll radio like CKLW out of Detroit to …

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May 2, 2019

S2E58 – Rocket from the Tombs – with CHEETAH CHROME!

That Record Got Me High is very pleased to have a…

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