Feb. 5, 2022

S5E208 - Stevie Wonder 'Songs In The Key Of Life' with Bob Fay

S5E208 - Stevie Wonder 'Songs In The Key Of Life' with Bob Fay

We discuss Stevie Wonder's 'Songs in the Key of Life' with special guest Bob Fay

This week's guest Bob Fay (Sebadoh, Deluxx, Cardinal) has played on a wide swath of punk/indie releases, so it makes perfect sense that the album he chose to discuss was 'Songs in the Key of Life' by Stevie Wonder, right? Right?? Both Elton John and Michael Jackson sited it as a personal favorite, and Prince simply called it the best album ever recorded - so Bob may be onto something...

Songs featured in this episode: Temptation Tide, Ocean - Sebadoh; Glory Halleloo - Reverend Blind Gary Davis; Love's in Need of Love Today, Have a Talk With God, Village Ghetto Land, Contusion, Sir Duke, I Wish, Knocks Me Off My Feet - Stevie Wonder; You Know What I Mean - Jeff Beck; Maniac - Michael Sembello; Split Red - Minutemen; Gangster's Paradise - Coolio; Summer Soft, Ordinary Pain, Isn't She Lovely, Joy Inside My Tears, Black Man, As - Stevie Wonder;  Paper Planes - M.I.A.; Take The A Train - Duke Ellington; Sforzando! - Sebadoh

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