Dec. 4, 2021

S5E199 - The National 'Trouble Will Find Me' with Brian Franklin

S5E199 - The National 'Trouble Will Find Me' with Brian Franklin

Returning guest Brian Franklin joins us to discuss The National and their sixth studio album 'Trouble Will Find Me'

Political Consultant and Speechwriter Brian Franklin knows a thing or two about the impact words can have, and the existential dread and barely repressed frustration of Matt Berninger's lyrics paired with his band The National's viscerally elegant music hits him in all the right places. We discuss the Brooklyn-by-way-of-Cincinnati band’s breakout 2013 album 'Trouble Will Find Me' in this slow-burner of an episode. 
"If I stay here I'll never leave
If I stay here trouble will find me
I believe..."

Songs featured in this episode: A Rush And A Push And The Land Is Ours - The Smiths; All Your Tone Is Wrong - The Rat Opera; Mr. November - The National; Push The Sky Away - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds; I Should Live in Salt, Demons, Don't Swallow the Cap, Fireproof, Sea of Love, Heavenfaced, This Is the Last Time, Graceless, Slipped, I Need My Girl, Humiliation, Pink Rabbits, Hard to Find - The National; Cardigan - Taylor Swift; Outside This Bar - Mark Eitzel; Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks - The National

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Brian Franklin

Writer/Communications Consultant

Brian Franklin has been a communications professional for 25 years, working as an advertising and marketing consultant, political consultant, and wedding speechwriter. Long ago, he played music in bands with people, mostly in the South Florida area. He is the co-writer of Hearing Damage (The Rat Opera) with Rob Elba and hosts the podcast, Achievements & Strategies.