July 3, 2021

S4E175 - 39 Clocks 'Subnarcotic' with Tom Smith

S4E175 - 39 Clocks 'Subnarcotic' with Tom Smith

When he's not tearing faces off in various musica…

When he's not tearing faces off in various musical projects - 'To Live and Shave in LA' & 'NH Meth' to name two - Tom Smith leads a genteel life in Hanover, Germany, so it's only fitting that he brought Hanover's own 39 Clocks and their sophomore classic "Subnarcotic" to the table for perusal. Their songs of urban decay and rainy night insanities sung - subversively for 1982 - in English set them apart from the German New Wave of the time, and they managed to turn their love of the Velvets, Suicide and 60's garage-rock into their own "psycho-beat" sound that STILL sounds weirdly ahead of its time! Spotify Episode Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0nuGkgwlbGudOR86XRbPhV?si=a0087348127e4e82

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Tom Smith

Founder of the long-running noise collective "To Live And Shave In L.A." (as well as Washington, DC groups "Peach of Immortality" and "Pussy Galore"), avant-garde composer, producer and performer Tom Smith sadly passed Jan 20th, 2022 in Hannover, Germany. His particular brand of genre-less chaos - as well as his biting sense of humor and passion for great art/music - will be missed.