May 8, 2021

S4E167 - The Boys "Alternative Chartbusters" with David Newton

S4E167 - The Boys

When guitarist/producer David Newton (the Mighty …

When guitarist/producer David Newton (the Mighty Lemon Drops) was a young lad in Wolverhampton UK he would listen to BBC Radio 1 and was exposed to everything from Glam/Glitter to Pop, Soul and everything in-between. At the dawning of British Punk one of the first bands that caught his ear - and one of the first to get a major recording contract - was The Boys. Combining their love of pub rock bands like Dr Feelgood and Eddie & The Hot Rods with NY imports the Ramones, The Boys' second record "Alternative Chartbusters" is an often overlooked tour de force of of power-pop goodness.

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