April 24, 2021

S4E165 - Adrian Belew "Young Lions" w/ special guest Larry Smith

S4E165 - Adrian Belew

Singer/Multi-instrumentalist Adrian Belew has pla…

Singer/Multi-instrumentalist Adrian Belew has played with a multitude of heavy-hitters including Frank Zappa, David Bowie, Talking Heads and of course King Crimson. This week's guest Larry Smith has been a fan forever, but Belew's 1990 solo record "Young Lions" was, for him, the perfect amalgamation of alt-prog and pure pop. Welcome to the jungle!

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Larry SmithProfile Photo

Larry Smith

Multi-instrumentalist (guitar, bass, keys), sound engineer, former punk rock club co-owner (Planet 10 in Tallahassee’87-‘88), pet lover (4 dogs, 1 cat), opinionated curmudgeon. Veteran of many bands with increasingly worse names (per Rob Elba).
Larry Smith has played in the bands Karma Generator and OK Boomer. His latest musical project is the multi-national, vaguely antagonistic "Socially Distant".