Feb. 13, 2021

S4E154 - Bardo Pond "Dilate" - with Joe Tunis

S4E154 - Bardo Pond

Bardo Pond – Dilate
Longtime Patron and founder o…

Bardo Pond – Dilate Longtime Patron and founder of Carbon Records Joe Tunis (noise, improv, heavy, loud rock, and weird music since 1994) brought us a band/record we were not familiar with, but totally got us high: “Dilate” by Philadelphia space rock/psych purveyors Bardo Pond. It’s an album filled with slowly developing soundscapes that build and build, mixing equally vast amounts of subtlety and noise to great effect. Highly recommended! Support TRGMH, Rob and Barry, on Patreon for as little as $1 a month. https://www.patreon.com/join/TRGMH

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Joe Tunis

Joe runs Carbon Records and plays in various bands including Pengo, Crush the Junta, Tumul, and Tuurd, as well as his solo project Joe+N. He also hosts a podcast called MyTeethNeedAttention.