Oct. 24, 2020

S3E138 - The Fall "The Unutterable" with Jeffrey Weaver

S3E138 - The Fall

This week That Record Got Me High welcomes back J…

This week That Record Got Me High welcomes back Jeffrey Weaver, who is neither a weaver nor a cod piece, which is what Jeffrey means, according to the Borgesian halls of the internet. They say it means "God peace," but since it's a Fall record we are doing, that cannot stand unaltered, unchallenged. The Unutterable, you say? Yes, we are that, which cannot be named thought spoken felt or comprehended. We are going to the year 2000, to visit a Mark E. Smith with a Lovecraft-ian bent, a sinister bend, and at an apparent personal crossroads. Who would think that at a career midpoint, a place of commercial foundering, distinctly lessened popularity, the least-sold record in your catalog would turn out to be such a strange and beguiling document. It was an excellent choice by Codpiece/Godpeace Sans Loom, if that is even his real name, or if he is even human at all. All we have is a voice at the end of the line and some strange unexplained Cthulu-esque breathing sounds. This week: The Fall, The Unutterable. Next week: your favorite hamburger casserole recipes.

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