Sept. 19, 2020

S3E133 - Blur "Modern Life Is Rubbish" with Peter Norris

S3E133 - Blur

BLUR “Modern Life is Rubbish” with special guest …

BLUR “Modern Life is Rubbish” with special guest Peter Norris This week’s guest, musician Peter Norris - also the man simultaneously in charge Scottish independence AND the UK's nuclear weapons to hear him tell it - joined us all the way from Glasgow, Scotland (well...near Glasgow) to discuss a record near and dear to him: “Modern Life is Rubbish” by Britpop titans Blur. Returning from an unsuccessful US tour and under threat of being dropped by their label, singer Damon Albarn and company reached back to their UK forebears - think The Kinks and Small Faces - to craft a lushly melodic document of the dreams, traditions and prejudices of suburban England. 
"Modern life, well, it's rubbish! I'm holding on for tomorrow…”

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