Aug. 8, 2020

S3E126 - Panic! At The Disco "Death of a Bachelor" - w/Erin Lee

S3E126 - Panic! At The Disco

Panic! At The Disco - Death of a Bachelor
Barry &…

Panic! At The Disco - Death of a Bachelor Barry & Rob go WAY out of their comfort zones this week with returning guest Erin Lee (104.3 The Shark), as she brings in a record near-and-dear to her heart. While Panic! At The Disco’s #1 selling “Death of a Bachelor” managed to escape our radar – it’s admittedly not our usual cup of tea - there’s no denying leader Brendon Urie’s outsize talent, and the album’s (AND Erin’s) infectious positivity somewhat softened our cold, hard souls and made for a spirited conversation. Thanks as usual for being a great sport Erin!

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Erin LeeProfile Photo

Erin Lee

Erin Lee is a Florida native and 20-year music industry professional.
A lifelong champion of local music, she currently hosts a bi-weekly online music show called Live Tuesdays with Erin Lee, at the premiere virtual venue Live Apparatus in Fort Lauderdale.
She recently launched a vlog on YouTube called Enthusiastically 40, interviewing friends and documenting her 40th year to destigmatize how our culture views aging.
Erin is also a psychic medium, having expanded her communication skills to assist clients who wish to better understand themselves, or connect with loved ones in spirit.
Favorite bands/artists include: Weezer, Dave Matthews Band, blink-182, Elvis Costello, Frank Turner, and much more...