Aug. 1, 2020

S3E125 - The Damned "The Black Album" - with Mark Williams (The Jacobites)

S3E125 - The Damned

This week’s guest Mark Williams (The Jacobites) c…

This week’s guest Mark Williams (The Jacobites) calls in from the UK to discuss Britain’s punk/goth titans The Damned and their fourth release, “The Black Album”.
 Dark, tuneful and oh-so-eclectic, this 1980 double record had a huge impact on SO many post-punk and goth bands that followed, and although they are often considered also-rans in the Punk Rock triumvirate of The Ramones/The Sex Pistols/The Clash, we all agreed The Damned have more-than-earned a seat at the grownups table.

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Mark Williams