June 6, 2020

S3E117 - Van Halen "Fair Warning" - with Juan Montoya

S3E117 - Van Halen

We sat down with Nice Guy/Guitar God Juan Montoya…

We sat down with Nice Guy/Guitar God Juan Montoya (Moon Destroys, MonstrO, Torche, Killer Be Killed) to discuss a record that kept his teenage self up at night, Van Halen’s 1981 release “Fair Warning”. Widely considered their “darkest” record, it’s the sound of a band breaking apart at the seams, as guitar virtuoso and control-freak Eddie Van Halen attempts to wrestle his namesake band from the clutches of David Lee life-of-the-party Roth. Lord, strike that poor boy down…

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Juan MontoyaProfile Photo

Juan Montoya

Artist and Musician Juan Montoya is known as one of the "nicest dudes in metal." His previous bands have included Torche, Cavity, Floor, MonstrO and many others. His current musical project is Moon Destroys, and when he's not rocking out he's living his best life raising his daughter Jade in Miami, FL.