May 2, 2020

S3E112 - Tom Waits "Rain Dogs" with Tim Moffatt

S3E112 - Tom Waits

Now under the threat of a mandatory minimum sente…

Now under the threat of a mandatory minimum sentence due to this third time before the judge, film-school reject, but no "momma's boy," Tim Moffatt brings the ill-gotten goods from a heist-gone-wrong with Slaughterhouse Joe and a Cuban Chinese. Kick the drum, let me down, keep my clarinet beneath your bed 'til I get back in town. Tom Waits' "Rain Dogs" is full of this and much much more. Call now, supplies are limited. Please lend your support to TRGMH on Patreon:

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Tim Moffatt

With a flare for the dramatic and a wonton disregard for safety, Tim has been throwing himself around stages in South Florida for close to 20 years. He’s part tornado, part meat wall and all spastic octopus front man with flailing arms and legs. He also writes for PureHoney Magazine and is a distinguished scholar with a master’s degree in communications; they give those things to anyone, apparently.