April 25, 2020

S3E111 - Dinosaur Jr - "You're Living All Over Me" w/Todd Philips

S3E111 - Dinosaur Jr -

The earth-shattering appearance of You're Living …

The earth-shattering appearance of You're Living All Over Me on the US independent music scene in 1987 was mirrored by the earth-shattering volume at which the band reproduced the sound live. Lemonheads / Juliana Hatfield Three drummer and "suave fuck" LA ad exec Todd Philips didn't have to drag us to the altar on this one, we were already converts. This piece of heartfelt Americana (like Todd) hasn't aged a minute in 32 years. Support That Record Got Me High on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/join/TRGMH/

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Todd Philips

Drummer/Motion picture advertising executive Todd Philips hails from Boston, MA. He has played with Bullet LaVolta, The Juliana Hatfield Three and most recently The Lemonheads, and is now living his best life in Los Angeles, CA.