Feb. 1, 2020

S2E98 - Steel Pulse "True Democracy" with Camila Risso

S2E98 - Steel Pulse

Kingston via Birmingham via Miami via Camila Riss…

Kingston via Birmingham via Miami via Camila Risso is how we get to That Record Got Me High's first foray into reggae, with Steel Pulse's "True Democracy." Driven by David Hinds' flawless vocals and a crack band, playing tracks with lots of rhythmic hiccups and turnarounds, it's a great headphone album as well as one to blast from your apartment window. Rob and Barry interrogate Camila about her reggae credentials, and she's got them. Support That Record Got Me High on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/join/TRGMH/

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Camila Risso

A frequent guest on TRGMH Podcast, Camila is a lover of music, art, and dance.