Dec. 7, 2019

S2E90 - "Foo Fighters" debut w/Hillary Dougherty

S2E90 -

For unknown reasons, another charming guest has v…

For unknown reasons, another charming guest has visited the charm wasteland that is That Record Got Me High, and has left with her wits intact. Hillary Dougherty felt like Dave Grohl's solo-except-for-one-bit Foo Fighters debut needed polishing off, and since Rob LOVES Dave Grohl, I said "yes" while he wasn't looking. We dispel any caveats, though, finding that there's a lot to love, enjoy (and puzzle over) in this album, and Hillary definitely brings the groceries as a contributor. Support That Record Got Me High on Patreon: Support those future political prisoners Woody and Kelly at Is This Tomorrow:

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Hillary Dougherty

Hillary Dougherty, born in New Orleans and raised in South Florida, is a lover of music, true crime, and, above all else, politics. Paying attention to all the ups and downs in the political world started when she voted in 4th grade for the first time in the mock Presidential Election at her elementary school, (she voted Dukakis), and the rest was history. She enjoys volunteering for political and grassroots organizations in South Florida. Hillary is the co-founder and co-host of The Muck Podcast, which focuses on true political crime. In her spare time, Hillary enjoys spending time with her two children and always smashing the patriarchy.