Feb. 28, 2019

S2E49 – WEEZER (The Blue Album) – with Erin Lee

S2E49 – WEEZER (The Blue Album) – with Erin Lee

Erin Lee from FM 104.3 The Shark picked this week…

Erin Lee from FM 104.3 The Shark picked this week's deluxe slab of wax, the debut album by Rivers Cuomo's pop science experiment Weezer. The conversation is lifted by Erin's deep love and knowledge of this band's history, and inevitably degraded by Rob and Barry's crude, coarse, low-class japes, asides and bogus conclusions. But that's the point of the show, right? Thanks Erin for being a great guest. We'll do better next time, I promise. Support us via Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/TRGMH Visit our sponsor, the excellent “Is This Tomorrow”: http://isthistomorrow.com

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Erin LeeProfile Photo

Erin Lee

Erin Lee is a Florida native and 20-year music industry professional.
A lifelong champion of local music, she currently hosts a bi-weekly online music show called Live Tuesdays with Erin Lee, at the premiere virtual venue Live Apparatus in Fort Lauderdale.
She recently launched a vlog on YouTube called Enthusiastically 40, interviewing friends and documenting her 40th year to destigmatize how our culture views aging.
Erin is also a psychic medium, having expanded her communication skills to assist clients who wish to better understand themselves, or connect with loved ones in spirit.
Favorite bands/artists include: Weezer, Dave Matthews Band, blink-182, Elvis Costello, Frank Turner, and much more...